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Zodiac Medline 5.8

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The latest addition to the Medline family, this is THE new boat you need to have a great time next season. It may be the most newest, but at Zodiac, we haven't skimped on equipment or ergonomics on board: with two relaxation areas, including a rear bench seat that transforms into a sunbathing lounge, and a full captain's console, we have thought of everything!

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Boatservice Dannijs B.V. /  
Setheweg 18  
7942 LB Meppel   
Tel: 0031-522-240511


Länge: 0.00 m.
Breite: 0.00 m.
Tiefgang: 0.00 m.
Modelljahr: 2024
Standort: Showroom Meppel, NL
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