Yamaha SBW Demo 300 Steer By Wire

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For more than a decade, Yamaha’s award-winning V6 4.2-liter outboards have been offshore favorites. Boaters were first drawn to them because of their power, efficiency, and ingenious design. These dependable outboards are catching the attention of new and seasoned boaters alike thanks to a new appearance and incorporated digital electronic steering that makes them even more responsive. Let’s take a look at five notable attributes of the new Yamaha 300!

1. Electric Steering

The Yamaha V6 Offshore F300 and F250 are the industry’s very first offshore V6’s offered in digital models with built-in electric steering. This makes them incredibly responsive and also results in a cleaner bilge, with no pumps, hoses, hydraulic lines, or connections.

2. Throttle Response & Acceleration

Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing technology advances and slows the angle of the intake camshaft to significantly boost power and throttle responsiveness at low and mid-RPMs. A result of this is the ability to accelerate quickly from being stopped as well as from mid-range speeds.

3. Functionality

The Helm Master EX is a boat control system that offers adding the ability to use a joystick, autopilot, and single or multi-engine binnacle control to your boat and is compatible with the new Yamaha 300 with digital electronic steering.


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HP: 300 HP
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