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Zodiac Medline 7.5

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Perfect for long trips on the sea, the Medline 7.5 is a true private oasis thanks to its surface, which can be transformed into a sunbathing area. Created for long day trips, the Medline range is part of the new generation of Zodiac boats: rigid-hulled inflatable openly oriented towards leisure. The arrangement allows to transform the deck into a vast sun lounger, to create a �private oasis� area.


The deck plans allow exceptional adjustability. The movements onboard are fluid, the sun loungers are spacious and easy set up for, and the rear area is safe and comfortable. Sun-bathing, lunch or swimming.
The unique comfort of the seats, the various equipment, the low maintenance upkeep of the buoyancy tubes� Every detail is the result of the experience of Zodiac Nautic and its perfect knowledge of the sea.


Extended to 5 boats, the Medline range has been rethought with absolute priority: ease of use, at anchor or at sea. The dimensions and the weight of each boat has been optimized to obtain a perfect weight / power ratio in order to have moderate engine power and simplify the maneuvers for launching and storage.


  • Extra large u-shaped aft seating area, comfortably seats up to 8. Convertible to a large rear sunbathing platform.
  • Kitchen under bolster with easy opening and safe, for lunches in the idyllic aft seating area designed for relaxation. As standard: hand shower, rear platforms, XXL sundeck.
  • Wide rear platforms for a a safe way to get on and off the boat.
  • 12 Seats
  • Large storage under console and underneath back seat
  • Approval � of 7 meters for exemption of tax.

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Boatland / Boatservice Dannijs B.V
Setheweg 18 
7942 LB Meppel, The Netherlands 
T: 31(0)522-240511


Länge: 7.34 m.
Breite: 2.90 m.
Tiefgang: 0.00 m.
Modelljahr: 2021
Standort: Meppel
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